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Chamberlain American International School is offering Nigerians with the best of quality education with a Nigerian, British and American inter-twined with a Montessori curriculum. Our objective is to build up a total child, a wholesome a child who is confident, eloquent, multi-talented and adaptive and prepared for the future. Our teachers are well trained professionals, from Early Years to the Grade School with a optimally mixed curriculum. The staffs are trained with strong parenting skills to proffer psychological and physiological needs of children; bridging that gap between them and parents and the school. With communication tools, activities and programs which allows for parents to be more involved, and participate in the child’s development, as nature has always wanted it.


The fundamental organizational structure of the Chamberlain American International School is made up of Daycare, Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten, Primary School and After School. The profile of the school is such that depicts the distinctness of every child. Our system is such that skills are taught through a broad spectrum of knowledge, skills and a combination of top, acceptable curriculum, highly acknowledged everywhere in the world today. The role of our system lays the basic foundations of learning on having the right skills that will lead each individual child to a sustainable qualification in the school and thereafter.

Chamberlain school has very high expectations in our pupils and in order to help them develop memory upgrade, creativity, reasoning, imagination, diligence, self-sufficiency, respect for rules and the spirit of initiative, we are offering to all a well structured and clearly defined teaching programme, oriented towards the acquisition of core knowledge, and by offering them systematic education in reading, writing, in the mastery of English language, Mathematics, General Sciences, Quantitative, Qualitative reasoning skills as well as solid cultural references, Foreign language, Arts, Computer and  General Knowledge amongst other areas.

It is in the light of this statement that it is fitting to mark out new horizons, Chamberlain American School is best known for being faithful to the inspiration and actualization of the purpose and dreams behind the Chamberlain School vision. The School is offering to all children an equal chance to be resourceful, multi-talented, and versatile, to enable them succeed and to prepare them for their successful integration into a fast changing society.

Our Primary section introduces subjects and skills that will allow each child to acquire the essential knowledge which they will need for the continuation of education in any secondary school in Nigeria or overseas. That also in the path of learning chosen while they will be well-equipped with basic Knowledge and Skills set out by National and Co-curricular Standards.


The assimilation of pupils into community living is reason why we have weekly community activities. The school plays an important role in the arts, which give common references and stimulate sensitivity and imagination through our class work and extracurricular activities in Arts, Drama, Debates, Music, Dance, Sport, etc. The weekly practice of a sport is also necessary for the physical development of each student. The school aims finally to develop respect and tolerance amongst the growing children which are the basis of human rights and which are exemplified daily by our Moral Development Talks at Assembly which is geared towards teaching respect for rules, civility and courtesy. . Here, children are expected to cultivate high reading habits as they grow older; right from crèche, they have the opportunity of being influenced to love books, hence play is part of learning and learning is part of play.


Our programmes for the Nursery and primary school defines each field of education, and the knowledge and skills there are bound to be attain within a defined period; they are  indicated annual benchmarks to evaluate progress in their core subjects. We do not, however, leave the choice of methods and approaches to the teachers to detect, even though we have very strong confidence placed in teachers, but most especially is for them to adapt the available programmes to their students’ needs. Although instructive freedom implies responsibility in our teachers: its practice assumes the ability to reflect upon teaching practices and their consequences. It also signifies, for teachers, an obligation to provide and to account regularly for the educational achievement of the students.. Every day for us at Chamberlain School is a learning Curve and we regularly review and improve on our facilities and systems


Our mission is to bridge the gap of educational sub-standards and generational gap, replacing it with standardized systems of learning, and to bring to the fore that creative and imaginative capacity of a child: according to Winston Churchill “ that imagination is greater than education” and to nd this we would not ignore.


We see CAIS institution as a body with concerns for early childhood development priorities, helping in building the child physically, mentally and socially. We are grooming leaders today to become functional persons with individual mindsets, adjudge by their faith, conscience and love their motherland.


We are committed to our Creator through our faith, to our country by being patriotic; to our parents by respecting them and to the world at large by being adaptive, We are poised to live our lives without contravening the law of nature; we would grace the world thus leaving it better than we met it, for in God we put our trust, so help us God.

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